Miraflores Incas Market, Lima, Peru

An open-air market located very close to the tourist-dense Ovalo de Miraflores, the Mercados Artesanal has a whole slew of vendors selling everything imaginable made from Alpaca wool–from fuzzy guinea pig-shaped key chains to business-casual ties. Mercados ArtesanalesWrought silver jewellery and uniquely Peruvian musical instruments also abound. We are not shoppers, David and I. In fact, we are the antithesis of shoppers and did the most cursory browsing only.  x02_03Despite our brisk pace as we wandered the colorful stalls, we still felt slightly hounded by eager shopkeepers as they hawked their wares. If you’re a shopper, this place might appeal, but if not and your time in Lima is short, I wouldn’t put this high on the list of “must sees”. 

More scenes from the Boulevard de Artesanias
Street scene, Avenue Arequipa

Located at Av. Petit Thouars, block 52 to 55, the market is also accessible right off of Avenue Arequipa and is within walking distance from Huaca Pucllana (about 20 or so minutes, walking briskly).  If you want to explore the area by bicycle, a rental shop is located right at the Avenue Arequipa entrance to the market.Scenes from the Boulevard de Artesanias

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