Flying & airport camping in the interior of BC, Canada–9 day itinerary

Interior BC flight_mapTHE PLAN:  AWESOME.  For the summer of 2017, we meticulously planned a 9-day route through BC that incorporated flying over spectacular mountains and through sinuous canyons, hiking along riverbanks and around lakes with our canine companion, and camping-under-the wing at idyllic little airports. 

We planned to fly for an hour(ish) each morning, land for an afternoon picnic and dog walk/hike, fly for another hour or two, and then tie-down for the evening.   We’d camp one night, and the next we’d enjoy all the comforts of a hotel (pet-friendly).

THE REALITY:  FIRE.  Forest fires roared through much of BC, smothering vast regions of the sky in smoke.  We spent several days just prior to take-off debating whether we’d abandon the trip altogether and fly south into the States instead.  After talking to Pacific Radio (1-866-wx-brief) several times, and looking at smoke forecasts and wind patterns,  and vowing to alter the plan as frequently as required to stay safe, we started the trip.

Our campsite on Texada Island, BC, where we eventually ended up… just before a thunder and rainstorm hit.

After flying to Vernon, Oliver, Osoyoos, Kelowna, and finally scaring ourselves silly and grounding ourselves due to smoke in Grand Forks, as soon as the smoke cleared enough, we fled at 5a.m. one morning to Vancouver Island…. only to be assaulted in our tent that night by thundershowers, which arrived a day earlier than forecast!  Despite the challenges, we had a wonderful time, flew over some spectacular scenery, and rambled along some pretty rivers and forest trails.

Nymph Falls, Courtenay, Vancouver Island

Stay tuned for links to each day’s adventure!

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